dilluns, de setembre 10, 2012

Being yourself

You know what? When I tell someone that I may feel Catalan, even if I was born in the Canary Islands with Peruvian roots, I get a rejection and laughs from many Spaniards (and other nationalities). They don't understand it.

Catalan people welcome me with open arms. To me, that means that Catalonia respects the difference and they do not think that being Catalan is a blood thing. And I respect people who like the difference. That's one of the reasons why I speak Catalan, because I respect them. They have never ever forced me to learn it.

They have the right to speak their own language in their own country and I won't be the one who takes that right away. I love Catalan language as much as my mother tongue and I won't never stop to use it in Catalonia, the country who has given to me everything that I have right now. I feel thankful. And that's why I try to spread our reality.

Separatism doesn't mean fascism. "I'm not a Catalan" and I feel at home. Many immigrants do support independentism. Do you know why? Because being Catalan is not something you are since you were born, it is your choice.

No one will tell you: you are not a Catalan! Well, yes, only Spanish people will say it. Because they don't understand that the world is too big and feelings can be so diverse. There is life beyond being a Spaniard. I'm Canarian, Peruvian and Catalan.

I'm sorry, I can't force myself to feel something I don't feel. I've tried to identify myself as a Spaniard, but I can't, really. Sorry if you may feel disappointed. :)

 Tomorrow I'll be in Moscow but from here, I will support the demonstration for the INDEPENDENCE.

 Catalonia, the next state in Europe!

PS. Sorry for my english!